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Experience with the water vitaliser

Hauttumor und Wasservitalisierer

Alternative practitioner and equine osteopath:


"My horse always has problems with her joints due to age ... It usually takes about 3-6 months until my horse is free from paralysis.


The last time it was really strong and she went very lame in trot. Then I used the tensor to test the areas that I need to treat with the water regenerator. I have then treated each tested area with the device for 15 minutes. ... The strong lame was then little.


Have repeated this 3 times every 3 days and now you can see nothing! I really can’t believe it. "

It is important for us that you get further helpful information and experience from users of the Water energizer (Tesla oscillator) and that's why we have summarized the most important films here:

Experience reports (summary: 6 min.) If your browser does not display the video, here is the direct link:

Henry Sterzik has summarized some interesting voice messages (experiences) with the celltuner.

 direct link:

Tesla meets Schumann Frequence - Arthur Tränkle and Peer Zebergs


Hexagonal structure in nature (approx. 6 min.)

If your browser does not display the video, here is the direct link:

Arthur Tränkle from Wassermatrix in conversation with Robert Stein

direct link:

Sportmedicin and Tesla Highfrequence - QS24 Healthy TV


From hexagonal medicine to the holy grail - with Peer Zebergs, Health Analyst

Direct link:

Why do some age faster than others? (High frequency energy) Talk with Expert mainhard Clobes

Direct link:

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