Feeding by high frequency water-energizer


The Lakhovsky water energiser (vitalizer) / Tesla experimental set was designed after decades of government-sponsored research in Russia and will be further developed and improved in Germany after the prototype has been introduced.

Incidentally, there are references to Russian space travel and G. Lakhovsky on the internet. However, direct contact with the manufacturer allows us to assure you that some information on the internet is misleading. This is not a modification of the multi-wave oscillator from Lakhovsky, but a device that is further ahead in its development for decades and has a German approval to vitalize water.

Arthur Tränkle brought the device from Russia and its research, so the Tesla experimental set is rather based on the science of Tesla and Lakhovsky. Likewise Nicola Tesla was a pioneer with its frequency devices and his knowledge flowed into the Russian research and development of the frequency medicine, therefore also the term: water vitalizer or oscillator after Tesla.


(By using the water-energizer I can increase my energy in the body enormously and all without side effects, except (detoxification symptoms).

With the hand probe of Wassermatrix I can structure water hexagonally by frequencies. Because we humans consist of more than 70% water, some users came up with the idea to use the frequency device directly on the body.

I have also experienced in self-experiment: "Although I sat at the table in the light of day and enough light shone through the window in October, my eyesight diminished because I was tired. I worked with the silouette scissors on a piece of art. I thought about taking glasses from time to time because my eyes were strained.

But instead I lay down on my sofa for 15 minutes and used the antenna of the machine to cover my forehead and temples around my eyes. After that I was fit again, my eyes were sharp again and I kept working with the scissors. Such and similar experiences I could tell in heaps, especially when using it for our pets. "

(Henry Sterzik)


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We have selected the best videos and some experiences for you in relation to the Tesla Experimental Set (vitalizer) from Wassermatrix.

Watch the interviews with Arthur Tränkle and Robert Stein, Gregor von Drabich at TimeToDo.ch, Henry Sterzik taking about hexagonal structures, voice messages, measurements with the Time-Waver and more ...

The application by high frequency is a gentle and sustainable treatment without side effects


The harmonic oscillation of the frequency machine of Watermatrix AG can influence:


  1. The water structure becomes hexagonal

  2. The cell voltage can be increased to a harmonic level

  3. The polarity (plus / minus) in the cell can be regulated again


1. The water structure becomes hexagonal


Whether you already own a water filter system or not, the watervitalizer also brings the hexagonal order into the water (image left). The proof is provided by the water crystal (picture in the middle), which was made with a microscope. (M. Emoto method) after using the frequency machine.


Hexagonal water is harmonic water and the cell let it in much easier as unstructured water. The arrangement of the antenna of the frequency of Wassermatrix device causes the effect of vitalizing and re-aging.

2. The cell voltage can be increased to a harmonic level


As explained on the welcome page, the cell voltage is stimulated and increased. Frequencies are vibration currents, thus energy. If these are in harmony with the biological life, then the biological life can receive this energy positively.


3. The polarity (plus / minus) in the cell can be regulated again

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We from Frequenzshop have developed the antenna holder specifically for the water-energiser, which results an optimal effect. The antenna does not come in contact with the water directly, but by immersion in the water tank it can produce a higher measurable charge than if the antenna is just next to the water tank.


For this we have a small application video:




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