Water resonance through Tesla Home

Of the "water resonator" out of the houseTesla@Homeis a world novelty and revitalizedthe entire house water in a matter of seconds through the perfect frequencies that inform and energize the water in the house pipe.

Georges Lakhovsky found that in villages without a water supply network, cancer was rarely found among people.

Now supply your apartment or your entire house with high-quality vitalized water by connecting directly to the main water pipe.

  • Vitalization of tap water

  • Orders the water back into a vital and crystalline state

  • The water gets a hexagonal structure

  • Eliminates pollutant frequencies in the water, thereby improving the quality

  • Improving cellular water and nutrient uptake capacity

  • Transmission of constructive energies when drinking, bathing and showering

  • Noticeably soft and fresh taste

  • Limescale inhibiting

  • Reduced need for detergent

  • Protection for your pipelines

  • more germ-free aerosols when showering

  • Maintenance free


Tesla@Home uses the three, among others primal frequencies to re-calibrate all living organisms through the ingenious optimization of water!

Sun/Universe/DNA: 150MHz

Spring Water: 22.5MHz

Earth/Schumann: 7.83 Hz

The quality of water is of incredible importance, it is by far the most important nutrient for all living organism

(Arthur Trankle)

The Water Resonator is sold directly, which means you can only order the frequency device from Tesla@Home.

More information can be found here:

Peer Zeeberg explains the Water Resonator in this clip

The developers A. Tränkle and E. Jansen have already achieved great success with the Tesla Oscillator and the knowledge and technical implementation could be used in the best possible way for the invention of the Water Resonator.

With the Water Resonator it is very easy to create structured, energized and hexagonal water.