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"Sound is a frequency wave that our inner ear makes audible to us."
(Henry Sterzik)

Our inner ear is not only responsible for translating frequency waves into tones, it is also responsible for our sense of balance. So we orientate ourselves with the ears both by hearing and by orientation in space.

Listening to music is not the same as hearing

As a rule, loudspeaker systems are set up in such a way that the sound swings out of the speakers in the shape of a funnel. This is not tragic in itself, but we can perceive a much greater variety of sound waves in nature. This can be illustrated well by the water waves (see picture on the left)

The idea of building a sound system that generates this wave led, among other things, to the construction of the NATURAL SOUND WALKER.

The principle can be seen clearly in the pictures on the right:

Ball sound and, in comparison, direct sound from conventional boxes

Listening pleasure

In order to understand how the sounds flow into the room with the natural sound converter, you have to know that loudspeakers generate sound waves from below as well as from above from the speakers and then flow across the room (see graphic). This new type of "audible wave" creates a unique listening experience.

There are now other manufacturers of loudspeaker boxes that follow the principle of the natural sound transducer, but Anton Stucki has many years of experience in the construction and training of hearing therapists, which is why we have decided to offer you the natural sound transducer as a priority. You can also see the manufacturer as a guest at Steinzeit or in 2017 at conscious TV.

Further useful information from the Internet:

There are all sorts of forums on the Internet with “pro and contra” opinions, but that doesn't say much, because listening pleasure is subjective. You should test yourself ...


You can rent every NSW system for yourself at home and test it without obligation. So you have the opportunity to experience your desired system in peace under your own spatial and musical conditions without any obligation to buy - whenever you want, as often as you want!
The rental period can last between 1 month and a maximum of 3 months. The rental price is for:

250.00 euros / month


350.00 euros / month

The rental prices include delivery and collection if you want to return your rental system.

You do not incur any further costs!

At the end of your rental period, you can either return the system or purchase it at the regular price, whereby the rental price you have paid until then is fully offset against the purchase price!

We at Frequency Shop offer you the opportunity to receive direct advice from Mr. Anton Stucki or a Mundus employee. Ask us, we will send you information on local dealers. The manufacturer will answer technical questions directly.

Hear the natural sound converter in your area - we also mediate on-site hi-fi studios

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Frequencyshop.com aims to improve your life, not only through innovative technical innovations, but also in terms of therapy and health, which is why we also recommend the natural sound converter. There is more information about this. You can also read the two books by Anton Stucki on this


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